A new contact and a lovely story!

Carme Gali Izard

It was February 2013, we were waiting impatiently for news from Yad Vashem. Would they recognise Mary Elmes as Righteous among the Nations?, when this lady, Carme, contacted me from Barcelona, Spain.

Could I help her find out what happened to her grandfather, Alexandre Gali, a well-known educationist who fled to France during the Spanish Civil War?

Yes I could!

The Quaker workers in Toulouse had opened a school for orphaned Spanish children in the scruffy old Chateau de Larade. I told you about this earlier! Now they has asked Alexandre Gali to be the teacher of this school! The children there loved him. They had lost their own parents and he had become a father to each of them. In a magazine which they wrote, they told how he cared for them, and how they would miss him if he went back to Spain.

This is the book that Carme was able to write with some help from me, and this is her grandfather helping the children grow some much needed vegetables!

Unfortunately I can’t read the book as it is in Catalan, but I’m proud that I was able to help Carme tell the Spanish world about her famous grandfather.

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