Starting Serious Research!

The AFSC Archives

It soon became obvious that we couldn’t keep going to Paris to learn more about Mary’s work. We needed a copy of the archives on our computer! With the help of a Quaker Professor of History at a local University, this package arrived through out letter-box. Six DVD’s containing thousands of pages of archive material.

Sir George Young, 1937

How did it all begin? Mary’s daughter Caroline told us that she went to Spain during the Civil War to help a rich Englishman. We discovered that the “rich Englishman” was Sir George Young, and that he had financed the sending of doctors, nurses and ambulances to Spain. Here he is in characteristic flamboyant dress!

Yad Vashem, Jerusalem

Meanwhile, Ron Friend was sending the evidence to Yad Vashem to have Mary Elmes honoured as “Righteous among the Nations” for risking her life to save Jewish children from the Holocaust.

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